Step out of the lodge with your wings in hand, take off atdawn and land with the sunset, just a stone’s throw from the hotel to next enjoy an excellent dinner along with Leone’s debriefing! If all this seems like a dream, with us it becomes reality! Kenya’s Kerio Valley is the eastern side of the Rift Valley, about 300 km from the capital city of Nairobi, and is considered by many as the cradle of the human species. It is an area, which thanks to its orographic peculiarities, the indescribable beauty of the area, and, in particular, the welcoming local population, has become one of the main and most sought-after worldwide flight destinations. Hundreds of pilots visit the Kerio Valley in the spectacular month of January, when it is possible to fly every day. The long ridge, over 100 km long, is able to satisfy the needs of all flyers: from lovers of peaceful dynamic flights in the early morning and/or afternoon hours, to lovers of cross country in search of setting new records.